Playing at festivals


If you can play at any festival you want what will it be and what stage will it be. I’d play at the ultra main stage because I always wanted to play there since I was in 7th grade (I’m in 10th now)


I’d be fine with any, honestly.


I played at an online festival once


Which one?


I’d headline main stage at AKA-Fest, obvs.


Elevate on


Sorry, I’m so late, but do you DJ, bro?
If so, cool!
What gear do you use?


I do I use numark mixtrack 3


With what software?
VDJ (VirtualDJ)?




Any recorded mixes?


Yes but it’s kind of bad


Oh. haha.
Are you practicing at least 3 times a week?


Yeah I’m much better now


I’d like to but honestly the genres I produce aren’t meant to be performed at festivals


lol when i saw the title i thought you meant you played/wanted to play auxy tracks or something at an actual show

i’m now just thinking of an auxy producer going up to a stage and instead of using an actual DJ set up, they just plug in their phone and play a track from the app XD


What do you do


Chill genre


Art gallery.


If I was djing, I’d be at either at EDC, Electric Zoo or Ultra Main Stage.
And yes I DJ with Traktor and Native Instruments Kontrol S2