PISTOL - Untitled [DnB, WIP, Project]

https://app.auxy.co/projects/pN_Q-nqGmOG8whUCdDvSbg== literally just started this one only a got a couple of scenes at the moment. Would love a bit of feedback if you would be so kind.

It’s missing samples :thinking:

Ah the real kicker in project sharing :frowning:

That sucks, how can I fix this? I thought the samples automatically download?

Nope. I asked about this previously and was told samples will not be included in the project. From a tech perspective, I understand it would 1) Make the files significantly larger to download and 2) Would also end up using a ton more storage for hosting, but, I don’t know if there’s some sort of moral dilemma there either.

Only way you could share fully is using something like dropbox or google drive

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Thanks , is it possible to remove this post? The project is useless without the samples

Lemme just close it instead, usually when people post in topics it’s preferable to at least leave it visible, but can restrict additional postings. Sorry man :frowning:

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