PISTOL - Unorthodox WIP [Dnb]


I haven’t posted in a while, this’s a preview of something new that I’m working on. Not your generic dnb hence the title of the track, this one has a glitchy shuffle feel to it, let me know what you think guys.


AHHHHHHHH yissssssssssssss

Not really sure what else to say, this is off to a really great start. The timing is wonk as hell but you’re making it work, really really like this so far!

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Thanks dude, I’ve been starting loads of tracks recently but then getting frustrated and deleting them as I can’t see them going anywhere, this is the first one for a while where I’ve been happy with it. Once I’ve finished this I’ll definitely be up for a collab if you’re still keen?

Ahhhhh don’t delete them! Just file them away in a folder somewhere haha… you never know when you might lift something out of it to use in something else!

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Dang son this is really good so far. I wonder if u added a quiet/short snare during the 2nd half of the drop, but Maybe be just experiment around and have it just on the 4 or something. But I’m always excited to see new stuff from u

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Good point, I just got frustrated with them and gave up lol

Thanks for the feedback man, I’ve done something similar to what you’ve suggested. Hopefully have a finished track soon.

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