PISTOL - Unorthodox [Dnb]


New track from me, loads of chopped up breaks and glitchy samples mixed with a deep bassline.

172bpm yet different from your generic dnb (hence the track title), I haven’t produced anything for ages but managed to find the inspiration to produce this.

Let me know what you think guys.


I like this one a lot, quite a bit easier to listen to than Insanity but still really cool and intense.

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Thanks man, I’m constantly trying to push the boundaries of dnb. It was so much effort chopping multiple breaks and reordering hits but it was fun to do and I feel that it was worth it.

Anymore feedback guys?

Always love hearing new stuff from u.
idk about feedback, the track was pretty solid throughout, but perhaps some kind of switch up with the kick (or kick/snare) pattern in the second drop (like maybe when the hats came in, but just for that section).

(also u need a collab with Droptek)

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Thanks man I tried to switch up the second drop by just playing the kick without the snare for 16 bars. I’ll check out some of Dropteks stuff.

Anyone else for feedback? I’d like to know what you guys think.

Always love to listen to your new songs, you’re probably the best dnb producer and most underrated producer in auxy. I really like the drums. Your style is different from the rest and I really, really like it.

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Thanks man I appreciate the awesome feedback, I only release what I’m 100% happy with. I’ll keep trying to be unique lol.

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Percussion is completely off the chain. Love the rolling bass.

Not much else to add really it’s so smooth, sample selection is great, I love the vocally one. That little spinback effect is subtle but adds much. Good tension. Awesome!!


From a return, I would say you did a pretty good job. I’m looking forward to what you can make in Auxy 6!

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Thanks man really appreciate the feedback.

Hopefully I can keep improving.

Also that spin back sample was a sample I accidentally reversed playback on, sounded good so I kept it lol.


Happy accidents are the best :slight_smile: that’s why lately I’ve been using a lot of generative stuff in what I do

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As always, another absolute beauty of a track from you! Your production is so crisp and clean, and you are truly the DnB hero of Auxy. Chops are on point and the best is DIVINE. This thing is neuro af, but also carries something so visceral with it. Excellent work!

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Pistol is massive. Wicked. Wicked.

Great tune mate.

My only critique would be that I thought some of the secondary percussion elements were a little too forward in the mix.



Sine the Auxy update and purchasing more effect apps I’ve been trying to make samples even more unique. I often find myself spending hours trying to find samples that work in my track through trial and error.


oh if ur looking for more weird/unique samples, Glitchmachines has a couple of free sample packs you can download. A TON of glitchy, futuristic/sci-fi sounds. idk if they’d totally be what you’re looking for, but i find them to be really neat for interesting fills or in between sounds

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Thanks man, I was trying to get the balance of dark and experimental dnb as that’s what I’m currently into. I’m listening to a lot of Dub Phizix, Alix Perez, Sam Binga (if you haven’t listened to any of these check them out). I wanted something glitchy but also with a bit of a deep moody bass line which hopefully I’ve achieved.

Thanks again for your kind words.