Pistol - Infinite (Halftime DNB)

https://soundcloud.com/pistol69/infinite my first finished track in Auxy. Any feedback welcome.


Pete! This is so awesome! I love the atmosphere here! Very cool synths and drums. This was so well made! I love those basses. Although I wouldn’t call this dnb.

This is impressive. I love the vocals and samples

Do you possibly want to collab? I feel as if I could add some things to your style :upside_down_face:

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AnirudhKhanna thank you so much for your feedback it is much appreciated and I’m glad you like my track.

I would love to Collab, I’ve never done it with anyone before so would be interested to see how it goes.

Would you be interested in producing more dnb?

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Thems choice samples!! So good, really like the bass work. You’re killing me though you gotta cut those drums loose lol… this and the last track you posted, what tempo are you writing these at?

You pick the drums up in the second half which is great, but I’m dying to hear it break out of the two step drums.

Otherwise, totally awesome no suggestions :slight_smile: mix sounds good to me too

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Thanks for your feedback man much appreciated. The tempo is 175bpm, I really wanted to use some chopped up amen breaks but haven’t had enough time to play around with ReSlice.

Dnb and trap is my favorite. I’m good with leads and piano chords, as well.
Let’s do dnb.

I’ll message you later today

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I’m looking forward to it

ReSlice makes the process a lot easier, but I still find I need to trim up the slices a little bit (transient detection isn’t perfect, I get a little bit of the start of the next hit per sample, enough to make an audible click).

Screen is so tiny on the iPhone SE I can’t really fix it in app so I’ve been trimming each sample in AudioShare :frowning: still better than chopping in AudioShare alone

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Have you used it to chop up vocals yet?

Not yet – haven’t really been working with a lot of vocals. Anything I’ve been doing I’ve just been doing myself and keeping under 10 secs so I don’t have to mess around too much with chopping stuff up

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I think I’m going to have a little play around with ReSlice, mess around with some of the effects, should be interesting for vocals

Really wish I used ReSlice for this track. Could of used some amen chops on the second drop. Maybe I’ll remix this track at some point.