PISTOL - Aneurysm [Dnb]


New track from me, chopped breaks, big bass, completely different from anything I’ve heard before.

Took me ages to do due to not being happy with it at various stages of the project, however I am please with it now.

The style is dark/neurofunk made at 172bpm with a mixture of Auxy instruments and various samples.

Let me know what you think.


This is awesome. The first drop hit me like a train!!! Nice work :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback man much appreciated.

this is great, and the best part is that i dont think anyone else makes the same kind of music you do, at least in this community

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Thanks man, I’m always trying to push the boundaries of dnb.

Any more feedback guys?

Anyone else?

Anyone? Bueller?

Bueller… ?

(sorry, couldn’t help myself:) It’s Friday after all:)

Actually, I wanted to comment on this track.

Good production! Proper DnB! Not the weak stuff.

Overall nice, but if I’m to say something, mastering wise: lower/attenuate the stuff between 300-400 Hz. There’s a big bump there. And raise the stuff below it, between 50 and 250 Hz – and mainly between 120 and 250, where there’s a slight dip.

Boost a tad between 10-12 KHz.

Try it. Just be sure to use a good EQ. With a not too narrow Q.


Thanks for the feedback man, do you have any recommendations on a good EQ?

This is great! Definitely a big fan of your work in the DnB world :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot man.

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As always, great arrangement, great samples! Maybe a tad long? But otherwise, superb!

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Thanks for the feedback man, I should have some more tracks ready soon.

Your drops are always so nice! I started making dark dnb because of you! I would love to collab but you don’t have to what I understand

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Thanks man, that’s a huge compliment. I’ve had a few requests to collab recently, I’ve got a track on the go at the moment but when it’s finished I will happily collab with everyone.

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Just dm me when you want no need to hurry

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