Pew Pew Lasers - f o k k s e s

Here’s a challenge! Try remixing my most popular track!
You won’t have any video game samples, so go to for the sfx. I’ve named the drum kits after the games th sounds were from.

Good luck and happy remixing!


Such a damn honor to remix this track, I loved the original so much I had it on repeat. :joy::skull: thank you again!


You’ve already seen my reply… so:



:flushed::zipper_mouth_face: no comment

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Wait wtf how have I not heard this :weary::+1::+1::+1::+1:


This is so good holy moly


This song gives me oxygen
I’ll see if I can do something but it’s already so good

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Auxy Repost.

DUUUUDE! Your profile is a total hidden gem. I love your songs. If I can find a way to download these sounds, I’m doing the challenge for sure!

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This is too much, but I can’t stop listening!!! How did you do this?!? This is incredible!! It’s all I ever wanted from a song! I need to know how you did this.

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Can you link to a page where we have access to all the sounds you put into this project so we know which sounds to put into which drum sound slots?

Yo is this still on?

I want to try this now.