Personal Emergency (older 2016-2017 Auxy Projects Disappeared) [Mostly SOLVED]

Hello any and all,

I’m on this account again to send this out ASAP and hear/see what I could do, can do, should do, because I won’t give up faith with this, I want to believe. Yesterday (10/3/21), I’m on my iPod 6 with around 27 Auxy tracks (10 having been uploaded) and everything is all good. I know that I want to put these projects on the cloud but this version of Auxy is the one RIGHT before the September 2017 update adding iCloud and Backup privileges, so I confirm to myself that adding an update can do no bad, right? I see that the latest November ‘21 update is available and install. The update is installing (and I was quite surprised that I was actually not asked to update to an older app version, and was allowed the newest one)

It’s updated, I open the app to see the iCloud feature added! But the worst nightmare shows,
ALL projects on this iPod have just totally disappeared? And I check iCloud has no projects stored in Backup or Drive from that…

I have been assembling every Auxy track I’ve made for something not related to “slam funk”. But most importantly, these songs are personal. I can’t give in.

iPod 6 (iOS 10.2)

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And something you can do if you run into this panic:

By going into File Sharing on iTunes with the iPod connected to a Mac backing up, I believe I have found and got every recording of all of these projects: I had 41 projects and now have 58 Found recordings in a large folder that were hidden inside of the device.

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if you disable iCloud for auxy in settings, it restores the locally stored projects iirc