Perception - SanaB [Deep/Progressive House] :sb:

hey guys, sana here!

just dropped a new chill deep house thingo:

inspired by a lot of @IntrepidMusic’s stuff & @Produk’s “rest”.

any feedback is welcome! :smile:


Drums are :100: :fire: :ok_hand:

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thank you so much! had fun with those

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Really enjoyed this. (It got repeated listens)

My only suggestion would be to tame the big EDM drum rolls. I felt like it cheapened an otherwise classy track.

Good stuff. :+1:

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Thank you!

Do you mean in the buildup? :thinking:

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I did.

To me, the track sounded more like a bar track than a club track.

Big buildups work at a packed rave full of gurners, but probably less so at a swanky cocktail bar, IMO.

I didn’t mean do away with them all together, but perhaps they could be toned down to more of a fill, as opposed to an all out roll/buildup…?

Ohhh ok. Wasn’t really going for the intent to make it sound like a club or bar track but I get what you’re saying. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice change of style. Will this be more frequent? Also I suggest with bass to have a higher octave layer aswell, it doesn’t have to be loud or low frequencies, use some high pass. But you don’t need to. It wasn’t completely all deep house tho but there were some aspects there. The start was great but until the melody came in i kinda had a different opinion. But the melodies were still nice. I would of just stuck to minimal melodies and focused more on chords and bass with a subtle not so complex melody in the drop.

But then again, I do like it. Maybe I’m just giving myself ideas here :joy: the melody(s) are nice and fit well. Good job! You done well for a first time with the genre/style.


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Love the use of the drums! Sounds great! You have evolved so much recently, and I love it! Great job!

@DJ_La_Rocca Thank you for the feedback! I had fun with this genre, so it may come up again in the future :smile:

@anon86704580 Thanks! :wink:

This is a sweet track!
The bassline is so nice!
I don’t agree with @DJ_La_Rocca. Deep House is all about the lower frequencies, so a bass (or anything) with more highs doesn’t fit Deep House.

I do agree with @blakkaz, though.
The EDM build up is really tacky, especially for Deep House, and one rule of thumb to remember: Deep House is not EDM. It’s not meant for “the festival,” it’s meant for the deeper clubs.
And, on that note, this track isn’t Deep House. Deep House is 120-123 bpm.
This is a bit slower than that.


Thank you!
I have a tendency to make tracks at a slower beat :upside_down_face:

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That’s fine.
It’s really nice, just not Deep House or Progressive House.

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what do you think it could be classified under? :smiley:

Maybe Tropical House? Maybe?
It’s not all “tropically” like Tropical House, but it is slow, which is a Tropical House staple.

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No no don’t get me wrong of course it’s all about those deep basses and awesome chord progressions and deep voices. What I meant is some basslines tend to have a slight high octave that u can just hear. Big it’s optional


i love it !

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thanks! glad you enjoyed it :smile:

I love this
Drums are awesome

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