Path of Prophets - Insolidarity [Synthwave, Darksynth]

The ancient prophecy foretold of the rise of one who would bring unity… one who would be lesser known but would make his name for all to hear…

Today the prophecy is fulfilled:


YOOOOOO, I am SUPER into this! Very solid gothwave quality, and the artwork is :fire:

Excellent work, dude!

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thank you!

Awesome :raised_hands: if you haven’t yet, I think it would be helpful to get on Twitter and also get involved in the *wave community there too. There’s A LOT of very supportive synth/dark/vaporwave folks who would dig on this, and also at least two internet radio stations I know of who would spin stuff like this (Radio Dark Tunnel and The Runnner (yes, three n’s)). It’s a great place to network and the synthwave folks are super super tight knit.

Just throwing it out there. But yeah, through and through this is really well done

Than you! I’ll try to look into that



I think the thunder sample could do with some more attention though.

It sounded great during the sparser sections (intro, breakdown, outro), but things became a little messy when the drums and bass came in.


hey im gonna be in and out for awhile so while im gone i want this track to boom like crazy…

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so glad i helped you on this song, it turned out great

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