Pass Da Beat - Round 2

Since the first Pass The Beat challenge is now locked, @iammane (thankfully) felt free for one of us to make a new topic about this & here it is. I’ll need to place what the owner of this challenge said from the first one which you should probably need to understand about this topic. Here it is. Also don’t forget, this is just like a collaboration for fun or a teamwork challenge.

Now you red the whole thing & understood, let’s get passin! Here’s the project to begin with!

Um… anyone finished their part?

ill start working on a part

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Thx bro! Much appreciated.

I’ll start

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Welcome fellow person to the Auxy Disco forum! There’s a lot more to explore around here. Make yourself at home!

Plz wait for the current person to finish his part.

oh im not doing it…

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Okay. @Jackqueslack23 you can start if you wan to now.

I would rather start off with something new…whats already made isn’t very good no offense


I think round 3 of this, you’ll have to make the project of the subject, you know?

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Nice! The jazz pattern you made needs some changes. @Jackqueslack23, i made some changes.

I’ll try to do something

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you should really make it more interesting…

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If you don’t like it and want it to be more interesting, why don’t you do that in the project?

fair point, maybe I will

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