Paroxyzm - COSMIC ROMANCE [Album]

Hey all! I’m so happy that I’ve finally released this!
My first Album, COSMIC ROMANCE, is out now on soundcloud!

This album has 7 tracks, which were all made in auxy.

  1. Launch
  2. Navigation System
  3. Wormhole Leap
  4. Purple Stardust
  5. System Malfunction
  6. < destination >: HAEDUS
  7. Luminary Analysis

Also, something really exciting to note, the 5th track on the album, System Malfunction, was reacted to on MOONBOY’s latest Youtube livestream!!

He was doing a ‘try not to headbang’ stream where he listened to his fans submissions and he ended up listening to mine and really enjoyed it!

He couldn’t believe that it was made on a mobile app xD
(just goes to show how versatile Auxy is)

Anyways, I really hope you enjoy the album! I’ve probably spent the last year working on it so if you do, feel free to give it a like and follow me on soundcloud!
Love you all, have a good one!


Also, yes, I have updated my logo and overall design. It’s pretty much a simpler version of what I had previously, which was the pyramid headed character I had.

euphoria logo
I just personally think it’s much easier to incorporate a single icon rather than a whole character into cover arts and other designs.

Which is why I’ve simplified it to this:

New Logo1
Let me know what you think of it!


I love the cover art straight off the bat. I hope the tracks will be just as good

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When I got to System Malfunction, I had to click out of what I was doing just to make sure that i was still in the album. It’s great to see that stuff like this is possible in Auxy. Keep pushing the limits! I hope to hear more of your music in the future.


Haha, I really appreciate the kind words man! Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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excellent choice of name


Haha, of course.

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This is so awesome. Every track includes and builds on your style, and there’s some insane variation among the tracks at the same time. I love the variety, like the difference between more atmospheric tracks like Purple Stardust or Luminary Analysis and the absolute bangers like System Malfunction and Wormhole Leap. This is some incredible work, great job!


Cheers man! That’s definitely what I was going for with this album, so I’m glad that it was displayed well for you. :slight_smile:

noice songs :ok_hand: gl on totw btw

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Thanks man!

I gotta say… Navigation System is my favourite. I have no idea how you came up with such an amazing drop, I have had it on repeat for like 2 hours :rofl::rofl: The other songs like System Malfunction… Yes I couldn’t help but headband as well, amazing stuff. Wondering if you will upload it to Spotify?? Or even if you have an artist page at all… If you want you could check out my artist page, Sammy Watts

Love this album, but I wanna add it to my playlist on Spotifyyyyy

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re: what I replied on your comment
I will be posting this to spotify eventually, but with the way i’m doing it it’ll be a while yet because I still need to update it with all my previous songs that also aren’t up yet. I do have a page with a couple of my songs so far, you can probably find it just by searching ‘paroxyzm’ on spotify. If not let me know but yeah :slight_smile:

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And another thing, if you guys have any questions about the album or about my music in general I’d be happy to answer them!

Just a quick update: COSMIC ROMANCE is now available on Spotify and other platforms :slight_smile: