Paroxyzm Collab [3 people max] - Now Full


Hey everyone. I have this track that I really enjoy but I don’t know where to take it next. So I decided i’d make it a collaboration with some of you guys. Before you click on the link to check out the track let me explain a couple things.

  1. When you open the project, please don’t edit anything until i have confirmed you are apart of the collaboration and you have been added to a private message.
  2. Please listen to some of my music before asking to join to see if our styles will work together in the track.
  3. This will be posted onto my SoundCloud (if that wasn’t obvious) and I will give full credit to everyone who joins in both the cover and the description. Once it is uploaded, then feel free to repost it to your SoundCloud.

Ok, now that that’s all sorted, here’s the track I’m calling ‘sea dweller’
(ignore the text under the different sections for now)


Can I join in?
I really love your style and I’d love to contribute.


Sure man, I think your style could be implemented quite nicely if done well.


It sounds cool. Might not join in the collab, but could I do a remix of this once you finish/post this?


How about me?


How confident would you say you are with auxy and making music, and also would you be ok with other people editing your parts to fit better in the track.


I’m pretty good I would say, and that’s fine.


ok you’re in, @LittleSpikes can you add him to the DM?


This is beautiful as it is


But we can make it better…


Well thank you.


Sure man


FYI there’s still one spot open if anyone else wishes to join.


Yeah sure i’m in


Ok sure man, @LittleSpikes you know.