Paradise Remix Contest

Hello everyone! STEREOFYLDZ here, and I would like to announce a remix contest for one of my tracks. It’s called “Paradise”, and it seems to be one of my most well-doing Auxy tracks judged on how many plays it got.

So, what do you say we end off this mediocre year by doing a remix contest?

Here is the original project. []

Collaborations are allowed, and as the most creative remix will win. You can switch any part of the track you like, and any of the sounds. I am completely fine with you posting your remix on SoundCloud, and I encourage it, but please make it clear that it is a remix.

Deadline is Christmas, and the winners will be announced on New Year’s Day 2021.
I hope to see a lot of good remixes. The prize for winning the contest is having me repost of all the tracks on your SoundCloud account on mine.