Panning and Stereo Width

Anyone have and tips, tricks, or best practices for panning to maximize stereo width?

Some instruments have a panned delay. Panning those left or right really just offsets the center I think.

What’s your favorite use of the panning feature in a finished track?


Possibly the best panning I’ve seen is in the Vs collab from @xavior and @Southborne in Even Louder. They used a combination of high pass on some basses to make a panning hit that really sounds fantastic, long before the days of Auxy 5 giving panning of samples. Aside from that, there’s not much I can say.

If you’re going for true stereo expansion and width, some sounds feature it natively but they’re few and far between. The only four I can think of off the top of my head are Chalk, Grain, Cinema and Runner. If you want a real stereo expansion, your best option would be to export stems and use an external plugin in a DAW. Maybe @iammane can share if iOS has any AU’s for it xD


I sometimes “double-track” two instances of the same instrument, panned, with different delays (usually small differences in the notes as well) to get things really spread out.


Panning hi hats that fluctuate in pitch can be a really cool effect, if done correctly.

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I have this old project I’ve never finished with a cool panning trick on the sound Glare and a 3/16 reverb. It’s hard to describe, but Glare’s panned delay plus an automated panning creates a really cool little effect. It’s not a finished track, but I’ll try and upload a preview of what I’m talking about later.