Panning advice?

Could someone give me some panning advice? Like are certain sounds (bass, lead, drums, etc) supposed to go different places? Thanks!

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Really depends on the song

Just as a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t really pan your bass. By leaving it in the center, you’ll get the best low-end projection from stereo speakers/headphones. Of course there are exceptions (I’ve heard panning effects in some dubstep basses, but they’re very subtle).


I have learned that panning is like setting up a live stage. You can learn lots from the book “Home Recording for Musicians for Dummies.” From what I know it makes room for instruments in the mix. If I am right, think of it like a live performance.

Hope this helped :smile:

  • David
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I like panning build up sounds and sweeps and occasionally the lead but it depends on the song and the feel at the moment

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you should adjust panning in conjunction with volume and hi/low pass

Use panning if you just want some instruments to stand out at the same time

How would you pan in drum kits

You can’t. :frowning: