Owl in the Future is actually used for Russian Hardbass!

yes this is certainly true and no one has ever done this but me sadly

go to:
The future
search for:
then turn:
Tone all the way up an there you have it

please tell me your other suggestions for Russian Hardbass

erm… what’s russian hardbass?


let me show ya Comrade

only listen to the first song…

Don’t forget to squat comrade and always remember to RUSH :b:


Finally, someone else figured it out after AP-006 came out

i knew way before just wondering if other people knew

I’ve noticed this too, actually.

Never heard of “Russian Hardbass” … but I know that I have heard a sound very similar to Owl (not necessarily with all the tone) in a couple Spinnin’-style EDM tracks before

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It’s likely that they utilized sounds from The Future presets for Massive by 7 Skies, which is where all (if not that, then most) of the sounds in AP-006 come from, albeit with slight changes.

Parts of this demo sound very similar to the original demo included for the pack when you could still listen to them as well.


OK, makes sense. 7 Skies is pretty big, so people will probably use his presets in their songs.


Not only that but the presets he releases through Standalone-Music are incredibly popular. It’s no wonder Auxy got two of the packs that he sells (The Future as well as Destiny) along with a selection of presets in his original pack.

Is Standalone a brand? Or a capitalization error? I’m confused


Technically should of capitalized the M in Music as well, and used a dash, but yes it is a brand. 7 Skies is one of the people who contribute to it, and there’s also another artist named DG.

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