Overworking songs

Whenever I work on a song I usually overwork it a lot. In fact, I’ve gotten to the point on one of my songs that I can’t even add any more instruments! :joy:

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Ikr, in my latest song https://soundcloud.com/vulture-x/rebellion I was full up too!

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I think I’ve hit the instrument limit on most, if not all ‘finished’ pieces I’ve made - and could always find a use for more. :wink:

A lot of that comes from layering sounds. I also like to layer in counter-melodies, melodic ‘fills’ and flourishes, etc… So, I hit the limit fairly regularly.

I sometimes try to keep it simpler, but I guess where I end up is where ‘my sound’(?) lives.

Besides, unless you’re unhappy with the sound you end up with, it’s not really ‘over’working it, right? :wink:


That’s never bad, unless it’s cluttered when you listen to it.

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