~Hi, I’m new and I would like to make a collab with someone. This is my little unfinished proyect from 2 days ago. Honestly I think this would have some potential. If you Intrested, here you go. Have fun and send you proyect back!!


Forgot about this one

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Took me a second to find it

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Lol :laughing:

Trap drop https://app.auxy.co/projects/9TcnZlxN-3r04KXQVU7T9w==

Well I think this project it’s all yours now! This is my last edit. Just in case if you decide to finish it


Ya need trap drums for a trap drop

Trap drums: https://app.auxy.co/projects/SNXNRp_7cbguOQoQ3CZcAQ==


“I consider this as another fail/experimental project file. Just want you to show what I have done lol. Also I have the lofi beat almost done. :)”

I heard the lofi beat and you may like it.

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Good adjustments right there :grin:a bit surprised by those voice samples but beside that its pretty good.