Over 2,000 Projects Vanished?

So just out of the blue all my projects stopped working. First I had to reselect all the sounds in the project I was working on, and then when I went to open other projects they wouldn’t load. And then all the previews for the projects vanished and all projects ask me to load a backup. When I go to my files app, I still have the majority of these projects downloaded, but seemingly Auxy can’t load them.

Edit: Upon a closer look, I am actually missing some of the files. I only have backups for some of them.

Edit 2: Upon shutting down my iPad and turning it back on, my projects are loading again. But the glitch was still somewhat bizarre, so I thought I would keep this post up in case it could be useful.

Edit 3: And five minutes later they’ve disappeared again.

Edit 4: Projects have returned once more but I’m missing some.

@lenberg @Fredrik


My auxy didn’t work too because I had too many projects


Definitely email feedback@auxy.co as well, I recall the devs saying this is the preferred way of handling support issues since from within the app it also generates a log file.