Osharu Perez - [Collab? Future Bass-ish?]

I’ll work on the track but it’s pretty late where I am so I won’t be able to work a lot on it.

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Okay I won’t be able to work until this weekend.

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Me, Osharu, Graye, and Spaghet. This is going to be awesome.

Mostly since Ive collabed with each of you except for DJ spaghet.

No worries mate! As soon as you can, there’s no rush!

That’s a bit weird, but not a problem! It can wait until this weekend!

Actually, I was hoping you could collab with me on a different track, called, “Skyline”. I was trying to get Produk to collab with me on this track, but I haven’t heard word from him, so Imma take that as a no…

Here’s the track:



Sorry dude, my parents only let me use Electronics on weekends, that includes making music…

Oof my dude

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Looks like you guys have a collab sorted. You can jump into PM’s to make the arrangements.

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