Osharu Perez - [Collab? Future Bass-ish?]

I have a track named, “Compass”, and I do believe my plan said to have at least two collabs in my new album, “New Horizons”. Anybody interested? As long as your comfortable/good/pro with Future Bass, then I don’t mind! Here’s the track:

Let me know any potential collaborators if my style of Future Bass works for you?

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I’ll do it

Im good with future bass. Let’s do this

Huh…I’m pretty sure I heard this somewhere…

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It’s probably similar to some of song

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I just realized this is DJ_La_Rocca’s intro music

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Idk who that is.

He’s literally one of the most famous people on the forum

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I hope you didn’t steal this…
I’m hoping that you made his intro music for him.
Because this is most definitely his intro music.
You just put filters on it leading up to the drop.

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Idk, I guess we’ll see eventually

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Also I’m not trying to target you in any way,
You seem like a pretty nice guy.
I just don’t want to see any one get stolen from.

Btw if you did steel this…I find it rather ironic that you said “don’t steel my music” in all caps.

Also I am pretty comfortable with future bass and am happy to collaborate on a different song.


That is pretty close.

I didn’t steal this song from anyone, I just followed the tutorial video, I thought I edited the project but I guess not, I’ll edit it later, but for now, no project file link.

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Oh okay thanks for being cool about it!

If you want I am happy to collaborate, I know future bass well enough.

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I’m happy to collab too

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Let’s Collab with this updated track:


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Why don’t you and me Collab on this track, titled, “Renewed View”?