Original Drum Kits

Every pre-5.0 Auxy drum kit (not counting sound packs). To put a current twist on the original packs, I added a free demo for each too. All you have to do is open the link in Auxy, and then you can copy and paste the drum kits to your projects. I hope these were helpful!


All copy pasting features for legacy drum kits were locked. However, you can simply delete whichever ones you don’t need to get the same effect. I’ve done this a few times at least.

Regardless, I don’t think the dev’s want to be giving users that don’t pay free access to old sounds, as free promotion is not in-line with their vision for the app.


Doesn’t matter. The sounds are totally locked for free users anyway so they can’t do anything (not even delete them)

(I know because I’m one of them lol)

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They are? Well, that’s new.

Wonder what other user-hostile decisions are being made to remove any free users from the app that we don’t know about

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Really? That’s strange, it worked for me and I have the free version of Auxy too. Maybe you are using a computer? Because it worked perfectly fine on my iPad.

Auxy isn’t accessible using a computer :\ Only through an iPad or iPhone.

Is your iPad running Auxy 4?

There should be a lock sign next to the kit that shows you can’t do anything assuming you are a free user attempting to access old kits. If not then your apple ID could just be linking you to your free trial of premium (or actual subscription if you’ve bought it)

Honestly, probably not many more that the majority of the community doesn’t already know about. It’s really mainly the loss of variability with what’s possible in the app’s free state.

There’s a big lack of what a free user can do now and that’s pretty much put a hold on me using the app (been making tracks in GB more recently). Or maybe not GB anymore since it seems an update today broke the ability to use plugins and there’s no fix for that : /

I know this isnt the topic to be discussing V5 and what not, but I think for most free users, it doesn’t feel like the same auxy as before and more like: