Orchestral Instrument Ideas

I’m interested in making Orchestral tracks on Auxy but I dont know which instruments to use. I know there are the orchestral strings but are there any other instruments that are good to use in orchestral tracks?

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There is a topic clearly about this.

Why did you make a similar post there? @iammane, please close this topic. I know I might’ve annoyed you, but it’s my job for that. Do your thing.

Idk if I misunderstood of what this is about…

I’m asking what instruments to use to make an orchestral track, not does anybody else make them


Oh… there is a pack named Orchestral Strings. There is some strings there, thank you.

Also you need some imported samples so it can sound like an orchestral track.

I know about the Orchestral Strings, I’m asking about what other instruments I could use with them to make a full Orchestral track


ah okay, maybe that is what I need. Thank you

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Don’t forget this, but you need a kick, hihat, basically a low snare & shakers. And vocals. Because I think when you need a orchestral song, I think the perfect vocals should be Fall.

That sounds like trap to me


The two most used ones would probably be hipster horns and orchestral strings Sound packs.


Kick stadium & drumroll samples, AHEM!

Do they sound trap to you?

Unfortunately, there are no wind instruments in Auxy aside from brass, so a true orchestral piece is not feasibly possible. There are a few sounds that are synthetically close, such as June from RAC Essentials, Vacccum from Vivrant (it sounds clarinetish), and McFlutty from Retrofit. However, aside from that, you don’t have many options other than a hybrid orchestral style, and not even a good one at that. Although you could just use all strings and be done with it, that’s possible. But not having a proper winds section leaves you dead in the water.


Well hopefully they’ll add winds if they can sometime in the future, thanks for the instruments to use!

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I mean, it’s not like they can’t just find the samples and use them. I’m sure they can get something from DSK like they did with the original acoustic guitar pack and throw together the samples and make it work. It’s just they probably don’t envision it to be as important as say strings or horns, where many EDM genres utilize them to some degree (brass stabs, string backings, etc.). Compared to those, wind instruments are far less prominent in popular EDM, so it’s almost certainly not a priority.

Also, the strings aren’t really that spectacular. I’ve had better results with free vsts that genuinely sound better on many of the notes. The samples inside of the string instruments are very sparse and don’t cover a wide enough range, unlike the pianos, which have tons of samples that allow them to sound crisp and quality. Same goes for the horns, although it’s less noticeable on them. I’d hate to see what the winds would sound like considering this.

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[Prismech] pls DM me and I think I could really help you. im mainly a soundtrack producer and I can sure help you out!

I’m interested in your offer but I just joined this forum today and idk how everything works, how do I dm you?

lol im not entirely sure either :joy:

Tap on the user’s picture and this menu will pop up. Then just select “message”