Open sounds from other IOS Apps in Auxy 5

My favourite new feature in A5 is the ability to load .WAV samples via iCloud.

We can also send sounds from other apps to Auxy. eg: You can select a sample in Audioshare and use “open in” to send it to Auxy 5.

What other iOS music / beat applications are suddenly useful for Auxy in this way?

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Audioshare - Confirmed
Blocs Wave [Free] - Confirmed
Groovebox [Free] - Confirmed
Garageband - Confirmed
Native Instruments Traktor - Confirmed

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Wait, are you saying other apps are useful? :sunglasses:


Thanks. I threw some links into your post. Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Yes absolutely!

Other apps perform minor supporting roles.

Like Vince Masuka in Dexter.


I guess my $200 Logic Pro X software is a supporting app now. :new_moon_with_face:


It is if you’re out for a walk…

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Wait how does groove box and garageband work with auxy now?

They don’t work WITH it per se, they are just able to send final audio (wave file) to Auxy very, very easily

Thats only for premium right?..damn :frowning:


Correct, you need to be able to import audio

This is the meme thread for gentlemen…


Aight, that’s all I got. Surprisingly, Gadget doesn’t do the “Open In” thing. You could put it in Audioshare first, or similar, and then move it over but that sucks. On the bright side, you could illegally sample borrow cool stuff from your music library using Traktor and totally bastardize it, all on your iOS device, without ever touching a computer. Ahhhhh technology :slight_smile:


Thanks for checking those apps and confirming they work.

Might need to extend my mobile toolset.

With stem export, now 20 tracks, and premium access to kits, its easier than ever to put Auxy sounds into GrooveRider :wink:

And then send the live recorded loops right back!

I realize this is a bit old, but with the new sample structure (though functionally, it’s the same) and the fact that it’s really easy to share projects with custom samples, it’s maybe worthwhile to bring it back up.

I was PM’ed regarding this, but I think it’s beneficial to everyone to share this info a little more broadly.

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If you’re using a computer in tandem with Auxy, you can pretty much download any old wave file from anywhere and use it. Easiest way there is download to Mac/PC, crack open iCloud and just upload to iCloud Drive. You could make folders and stuff and arrange things that way, at the end of the day though, they need to get imported into Auxy and will be selectable from the Files app on your iPhone/iPad (if for some reason you don’t have the Files app, get it from the AppStore, it’s free. Blue folder icon on a white background).

If you want to bypass using a computer entirely (this is how I do it), you’re gonna need a few other apps. First and foremost, pick up AudioShare by Kymatica. This thing is the SWISS ARMY KNIFE of managing and editing audio on iOS. I think it’s a single purchase of $4.99. It can handle zip files, it does some basic editing functionality like trim / fade / normalize. The best thing about it though is that A LOT of apps can send and receive directly from it. Also, you can load up a sample and apply effects on top of it with other compatible apps (I think only IAA (Inter App Audio) compatible stuff, which is quite a bit).

You’ll also want to pick up Documents by Readdle (I think is the company). It’s free - the power here is that there is a built in web browser you can use to download samples DIRECTLY to the app, then transfer to AudioShare or Files.

If you want to cut up drums and other samples, you’re gonna want ReSlice by VirSyn. It’s a one time purchase of I think $9.99. Also very worth it - you can load up a sample and it detects the transients (The areas between a sound hit and the tail of another sound, say the start of a snare drum after a kick drum). The best part is that it will export all your slices as a zip file which - as you may have guessed - you can open in AudioShare. From there you can save the slices to the Files app and pick them up from within Auxy.

If you wanted to deal with just loops, you’ve got plenty of options. I’m a big fan of the Ampify apps Blocs Wave and Launchpad (as noted above). You can build things up very quickly in there and export to Files, then pick them up from within Auxy. Those two apps are free, and come with some sounds, but sound packs are $1.99 a pop (off sale) and the “pro” features are somewhere between $2.99 and $4.99 apiece (one time purchase). You could also export from Blocs Wave into AudioShare or ReSlice for further processing / chopping.

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Myself and many others here are always willing to help out with this kind of stuff. I’ve been using strictly iOS for music for almost a decade now, so I’m pretty comfortable with the ins and outs (and, limitations, unfortunately). Hopefully this answers some questions for people out there who maybe were not sure about what apps are good for these kinds of workflows.


Just wanted to add that AudioCopy by Retronyms is a free alternative to AudioShare.


Yes! Plus if you choose, you can buy samples and packs through there as well. I always forget about AudioCopy…

Thanks for putting in the time to do this. While I personally consider a very portable laptop as mobile as it gets, I know many people (read - you) want to stick only to mobile, and its interesting to see just how this works only sticking to iOS.

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