Open Beta - Melodic Sampler, QOL updates

Hey! We have an update that we’re ready to beta test in case you want to give it a try. Always a good idea to backup your projects and samples before installing in case something goes wrong.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Save and recall instrument templates with settings and loops
  • Sample instrument lets you load a sample and program melodies
  • Restructured and simplified browsing
  • Search option in sound browser
  • Fine tune option for any instrument
  • Updated limiter setting to remove clipping
  • Fixed audio glitches on iPhone 12

For launch, we will also bump the number of instruments to 24. Plus we have some more stuff that we might be able to include as well.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!


Initial impressions are good. Melodic sampler seems very straight forward. I don’t think there’s any root note detection right? It’s weird, built in samples had pitch slider set correctly… seemingly. I imported a note at B and needed to move to -1, not a huge deal. Changing key correctly changes sample pitch, very good.

Gonna push this hard with a loop in a bit to see. Will post back when can

Question: will these be optimized for ipod touch 7 as well?

We can label samples and set root note automatically, but there’s no good way to detect it automatically. Is that how it works in other apps, or are you referring to the labelling of the sample?

This update will support the same iOS versions as the current App Store version.

Detection - but in all fairness, in iOS-ville, I don’t know of (m)any apps that do that either. It’s a bit of a pie in the sky ask lol :wink:

The description in app makes perfect sense to me, it’s clear, I think it should help people understand what they need to do.

Yeah we went back and forth on whether to use the slider to set the root note or pitch. Same thing but different label.

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Did you have a bunch of crashes? Any info on when a crash happens is valuable!

Finally after a long time a major update is coming to Auxy. I’m really excited to test it out.
Personally I was very hopeless about the future of Auxy when Lenberg stated himself that Auxy won’t get any major updates. I was just shocked that my wishes that were in Most Wanted Features I won’t be getting now. To be honest I then removed this app but I’ve been in touch with this forum always.
So finally I’m very happy.


Hope shall prevail!


Yeah, it seems like any sample I delete after import causes a crash (though the sample does delete!). Still happening as of this morning. Tried to replicate what Aklibs is seeing with changing sample during play but no crash here (Latest iOS, iPhone XR)

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Thanks! We’re on it.

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I’m very hopeful now :hugs:

Okay so, as I expected full loop import doesn’t time stretch, which is fine, you never said it would lol. I was being hopeful. The behavior is identical to how it was as just a drum sample channel (if anyone is wondering).

Obviously the intent is to use shorter samples. I need to find a pack of single cycle waveforms and test that next.

@lenberg As far as templates, are they shareable? Saving them seems to work well, I usually build kits from ground up for each track, but I can see an export option being valuable. I do understand we can already build a kit into a project and share project with samples.

Maybe it’s kind of redundant just thinking out loud.

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@lenberg I know this is a long shot… but if you’d be able to set some kind of looping on the melodic sampler as a toggle you could support single cycle waveforms, and honestly, everyone who’s looking for access to the synth will mostly hush up about it I bet. At least for now lol… I can import the SCW but obviously it doesn’t loop, so it just makes a blip sound lol…

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To demonstrate the value here…

Yeah we figured sharing a project with the kits or sounds would be straightforward. That also allows the receiver to preview them and save the good ones to his/her own template collection.


Good point. We can of course turn on looping and even make a setting for it. Will investigate.

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That is AMAZING. Killer feature. It’s something people don’t realize yet they will want with this melodic sampler

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