Only Us. - Kidd & Crown [Electronic Pop]

my first official release. in stores by may 19th. for vašek.

would love to know what you think :hearts:



Setting a reminder to give this a better listen later, work headset not doing this justice. Will be back! First impressions very good!

Love the art too

EDIT: ok! Listening again, super nice. I don’t know why, can’t put my finger on it but the second verse is much stronger than the first (vocal wise) - I think it’s because I’m hearing a delay on the tail end of each sentence. It makes a big difference. Structurally this is really nice it flows well. My only suggestion would be check on vocal mixing, it seems a bit loud at times.

For some reason I’m thinking of late 90’s electronic music when I hear this, but it’s not a bad thing. It’s a nice change.

Was hoping to find more stuff on your SC but it’s only this :frowning: will keep an eye out!

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thank you for the response!

i’ll definitely take note of the vocal mixing. it’s a lot harder to do when constrained to the iPad, but for my next song i’m moving everything to the laptop, so I should have a lot more control in that realm.

there’s a lot more to come :cherry_blossom:

Very atmospheric, especially at the beginning. I can’t wait to see where your music takes me in the future

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you can already find the song on spotify and itunes! :cherry_blossom:

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