Only Because I Have To Be Here. - Devoid of Joy

Something a little chill.


I’ve never heard of something so unique in my life! Do you got this on SoundCloud. It’s really interesting. What instruments were you using for this?

Ummm… so my SoundCloud is a bit out there and all over the place. I make music more about sounds rather melody. Lots of noise, distortion, and automations.
This track uses 3 instruments (Kbass, Grain, and, angry) and a custom drum kit with a riser, 2 percussions, and a kick.


A sonic journey as always. I get particularly excited whenever I see a new one coming from your way because I always know my ears are in for a ride. Great work, bud!

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I’m glad to hear bud👍🏻 I’ve been on a hiatus for a bit just slowly picking at half built tracks. Had a bit of a creation slump on all fronts (illustration and music) but hopefully that fogs starting to lift for me and I can get some more stuff out of my brain.