Online Library for User-Made Samples?

Many of the recent tracks I’ve heard are a big step up from the ones I heard about a month ago. This is because of how users are now able to import their own samples, and it really makes the difference.

I’ve heard many samples, ranging from spoons and forks, vocals, D&B drums, and even doors. Wouldn’t it be great if other users could share their own samples and experiment with other peoples’ samples? Why not have an entire online library of user-shared samples? Think of it as something like Valve’s “Steam Workshop”. People can vote on samples, report them, etc.

This is just an idea, and if anyone wants to add on it or criticize it, then go ahead. But it would be great if we could see something like this implemented in the app.


Check out this thread

Oh, wait, I reread your post. It would be very cool to have a place to share samples between users!

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edited the post to emphasize “online library” :wink:

In the subscription thread, I mentioned an idea for an “AuxyShop” website where non-subscribers can still buy sound packs. That idea could be adapted to include user-made samples for people to download (maybe even buy) as well.

I think the biggest problem is that there’s not a very easy way to know where these samples are sourced from. If Auxy includes samples that are not cleared they are on the hook. If you sample something on your own and someone takes issue with it, you are on the hook. I think it potentially exposes team Auxy to unneeded legal ramifications

Depends on what you mean by ‘on the hook’.

They’d simply need T&Cs that stipulated that all samples must be owned, cleared or public domain.
Any infractions found on the site and reported would be in breach. Auxy would then need to remove it from the shop in a timely fashion.

The T&Cs would indemnify Auxy against claims, by effectively putting all responsibility on the seller/uploader to keep it legal.

Auxy would then allow the goods to be marketed via the Auxy Shop platform ‘in good faith’.

The only situation where Auxy could come unstuck due to copyright infringements in the shop was if they were informed and failed to act.

Basically, the same as most other platforms where users can directly upload content - eBay, YouTube, Facebook, etc…

Got it. I don’t really want these guys wasting dev time to have to scramble to remove garbage people upload though :frowning:

For sure, though I’d like to think Auxy would be more than two people at some point.

There are so many great things they could do, which simply won’t be possible while they’re still just two people.

Amen :slight_smile: