ONE HUNTER - rebranding

Hey guys!

I’ve been a bit absent the past few months due to school, and these few months away from production have led me to explore new music genres.

I’m switching up pretty much everything. I am now ‘skyswimming’, and I will be producing lofi/chillhop beats primarily. I have some tracks in the works, but I’m not up to full speed at the moment due to school.

I’ll be back soon!

Thanks for sticking with me, and any feedback on the new logo and banner and stuff is very much appreciated!

check it all out here


Why does everyone seem to think it’s a good idea to completely abandon their old identity and rebrand themselves…? :man_facepalming:


haha well i was just out of the producing vibe, and i was thinking what i can do to get back into it so i decided to switch everything up

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i just felt like the road had come to an end for 1H

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It’s getting old and stale, at least to me. Whenever I do rebranding, it’s more of a brand evolution than completely abandoning everything.

Real talk, I’ll always be tornait. I can’t think of another name to change to…

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welp haha i didn’t exactly keep much from my old artist

this one is kinda like a new beginning with a new genre and stuff