Once Upon a Time - Tolberto

https://soundcloud.com/tolberto_auxy/once-upon-a-time I ACTUALLY POSTED AN ACTUAL SONG!
Here is a more chilled song, that is maybe the start of an ep :thinking: ?


Love it

but most importantly

love the new logo

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Are you joking or something

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DUDE this track is actually amazing

freaking love it


Well either i’m completely blind or you changed your disco profile pic from no picture to a blue and black “T


Really cool!

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Yeah not really a special logo

Very Nice👌🏻

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Thanks guys! This seems to be getting more supprt than usual for the auxy discourse

Also the kick is the 3rd one from the glacial pack

Ahhh its from glacial… no wonder i haven’t heard it yet

yo I’m really into the ambient vibe this has

Can I remix it? :thinking:

sure dm me


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