Oli4-8 - Indoor/Outdoor


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The entire poc is intors Xd

Love your stuff.

Unsolicited feedback ;)

The ducker at ~ 2:12 felt a little aggressive. I found it a bit distracting, breaking the flow too much.

Also, not a fan of the choice of snare sound that comes in at ~2:50. Felt bright and unsynthetic; not in the same ‘mood’ as the broader piece.

Are you in a secret mission? May i join?
I dig it man :handshake: quite a long silence at the end tho

Like the didgeridoo sound man :+1:t3:

Funny you say that…

I was thinking this morning that, as two amongst my favourite producers in this community, both doing things outside the norm, I’d be interested to hear an @Oli4-8 and cgedius collab.

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I think it would be great thing to do. :handshake:

@Oli4-8 maybe we could do something? If you are interested :grin:

Hi @cgedius I would love to make it!

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And @akabillposters your remarks are always welcome and appreciated :wink:
And thanks for your support.
And it would be cool to have also a collaboration together, if you agree.
Only problem is that for now I m still using auxy previous version and maybe it would be difficult to collabs with you guys but anyway, let’s try :slight_smile:

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Awesome man. Really excited with the collab thing :smile:

To clarify, I was suggesting a collab just between you and cgedius.

I’m happy to be a spectator for that. :wink:

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I’d also love to hear such a collaboration! @cgedius is among the most underrated producers on here (plus, he’s extremely nice), and @Oli4-8 has been cranking out interesting stuff for years (one of the first I ever followed on soundcloud) – he’s my only real challenger in terms of track length. :slight_smile: And while I’m at it, thanks to @akabillposters for being a champion of the lesser-known (and for inspiring me to get slightly more comfortable putting out sketches; I really liked Push Back, btw).


Aww man, thanks :sweat_smile: well… I’m speechless. Really appreciate it man :pray:t3:

@akabillposters is the “sifu” :pray:t3:


It will be great to make a song with you too!