Old Thoughts - MusicMakingMarco, My first piano song


Ever since BTC 25 I was inspired to create or at least attempt to create a decent piano song, I appreciate if y’all can give feedback to make a better one for the near or far future.

I like me a piano piece so I gave it a listen. My basic criticism is that it’s a little repetitive and it lacks structure to generate much impact during your climax. It just seems to build and build and doesn’t end up anywhere.

Also, I think it’s important that you write your piano pieces with the reverb off. Sometimes, even I am caught in the beauty of reverb on the piano and I can’t hear my own boring repetition and mistakes. When I turn it off all I hear is bleh, bleh bleh bleh, bleh, bleeh. And I’m like, “jakers, without the reverb this is just a bit boring”.

Also, go look at some midi rolls or piano covers on YouTube, and you might pick up some cool stuff there!

But honestly, it’s not an ugly piece. There’s a tonne of potential. Rather than writing a new piano piece from scratch, I would go back and add onto this, and maybe structure it so it ain’t so repetitive.