Old Skool Hardcore Help

I’ve always had a huge admiration and passion for Old Skool Hardcore (Prodigy, Altern8, SL2, 4hero, 2 bad mice) but have never been able to make any tunes in the style of this early 90s era.

I can download old Skool breaks but I’m wondering what Auxy instruments I can use to get some old Skool pads, basses and stabs.

These are the kinds of tunes that I’m talking about

Any help is much appreciated.

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I think the techniques used from that era play just as important role as the sound selection.

A large part of the sound was a result of working around the limitations of the equipment that was available at the time.

Many of the best rave stabs and jungle pads were created by sampling in a single chord and then playing it back melodically, or by using the ‘chord memory’ function on a synth.

The sampling in Auxy works much the same as these older samplers, so you could make some chords in Auxy, export them as WAVs and then reimport them and sequence them melodically.

Sampling at a higher speed and then pitching down after importing was another popular technique used. It was a workaround for the limited memory of the early samplers, but it played a big part in the timbre of the sound.

You could easily mimic this in Auxy by bumping up your BPM when exporting your samples, and then re-pitching on import.


I’ve heard some songs were the melody sounds exactly like bee, maybe try that as a melody?

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