Old Drum dictionary (Wanted drum sets)


I don’t see anything that’s off topic.


Me too. Luckily, I still have all the old drums because I have version 4.1.3


This is really cool but what if you already have a large project with multiple scenes that would take a long time to copy and paste and rearrange onto the drum projects


Well, when we find a faster way to do that, we’ll let you know, but for now you’re going to have to do it the long way. I’ve had to do it before, but I feel that it’s worth it in the end. If it makes the song sound better then it’s probably worth it. Maybe do it on a day you have more free-time.


But it would be better than nothing if you really wanted those special tweaks




How what?


Yeah. I wish we could have pan automation for drums and dist back


How do you still have the old auxy


I don’t think the old drums ever had pan automation.


Because I never updated on my old phone.


Oh ok




pretty sure they did but idk


The “pan” option was the hi-hat volume for the drums.


No they didn’t. Look. I wish they did ;-;
The pan automation was a new thing to drums in Auxy 5




You mean the drums?


See? Whack


lol no it was just a pun and me just commenting on the old drums not having a pan feature.

though i suppose if you really wanted to, you could get the edited hats that you want on the old drums and export them just to reimport them as a sample for the panning