OIL — Wistful Spring [Soundtrack]

I pitched this and a couple other songs I made for a videogame. While none of them actually made it into that one, one of them did get accepted by another developer. We’ll see what comes of it.

Here it is.

Hope you enjoy.


I love this (i dont have feedbackz just a fan)

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S’aight dude <3 I’m just glad you like it

who did you pitch too

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It was an indie project on Casting Call Club. The other developer’s a friend of mine who’s done a bunch of graphics work for esports and does other kinds of design commissions, on top of being a damn fine programmer. He liked my music so he approached me and asked to use some in a game he was planning on making. Even got paid! I’ve got a few friends who’re also studying game development, as well. Guess networking really do be doing its thing


That statement really should be this one…

Got paid.

(It should be something that doesn’t trigger surprise or an exclamation. :wink:

Your friend will expect to make money/get paid if his business experiment comes off.
Unless you’re joining in on the risk (e.g. working for equity % in the app), it’s perfectly reasonable that you get paid a flat fee upfront.

(Fwiw, working for equity is sometimes a good gamble.

Fun story… Old acquaintance of mine did some graphic design for a friend’s startup mobile games company. He did it for low single-digit % in equity.

The company went well, really well, and launched a mobile game that became huge. Eventually the company IPOd — and he became a multi-millionaire overnight.

So, don’t necessarily rule out working for equity. :wink:

I figured. I’m just new to the whole thing of producing for money and for someone to ask what I charge for my music is really cool. It’ll become more normal to me as time passes, but it’s something big and something to start with.