OIL — Everyone Has A World In Their Head [Synth Pop]

Wanted a sparse, slappy bassline in a jaunty lil tune so

Here it is!

Hope you like <3

I like it. Simple alt-pop/dream-pop vibe to it.
Reminded me a little of Men I Trust.

Would work well with a vocal, imo.
Check out Men I Trust, as that might give you some ideas about possible vocal directions.

One criticism… The background riff/solo that kinda steps up a gear around 1:40… feels like goes on too long - 32 bars (over a minute, I think). I’d either develop some variety and movement into it, or shorten it (the number of bars with instrument/riff, not shorten the track).

I love Men I Trust, so that’s a huge compliment! Thanks for telling me. I’ve been working on giving my future tracks more variety and movement, so it helps to know that I’m headed in the right direction.

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Cool. :+1:
I think your track has a similar lo-fi pop sound.

Btw, I’d also consider having a stab at ‘proper’ artwork, something that might be more fitting.
Or maybe it’s just a case of sticking your logo over the images. That way, they look intentionally quirky, because that’s part of your ‘brand identity’, rather than possibly just a random image.

Just a thought.

Oh, and get some genre tags on there. :wink:

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Fair :sweat_smile: :joy: I’ll work on doing that soon. Some stuff I need to get together first. I generally have no idea how to categorize most of my songs, hence the lack of genre tags, but I’ll run my music by more people in future so I can tag them appropriately.

Maybe it’s time I started taking my music more seriously :sweat_smile:

I think the seeds of quality are already there.
I’d certainly enjoy hearing more tracks like this one taken to the next level in terms of production finish. :+1:

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I’m doing a Sound Tech course at university, and the current state of my tracks are already better than they were before I started. It’s really nice to know I’m making progress! Thanks, homes <3

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