OIL — Deep Dream [Deep Dream, Trance, Deep House]

Hello. I think I might have accidentally made a new genre by fusing trance and deep house. Maybe it’s not a new genre.

Here you go.

Hope you can vibe out to this. And that your dreams are lucid enough to enjoy.

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Nice vibe.
I’d say it’s mostly Deep Trance, which is a thing. Possibly a hint of Techno/Deep Techno in there.

Neither are directly connected to Deep House despite what the name might suggest. Deep trance and techno are deep because of the focus on lower frequencies, fewer bright details, high leads, etc… and more consistent vibe throughout. While Deep House shares those sonic characteristics, it characteristically has a jazzy, soulful, sometimes gospel vibe as its backbone and touches of dub - at least, for classic deep house.

At least, that’s how I generally think of those genres. (That said, it wouldn’t surprise me to know that Deep House is now used to point to something else. After all that’s what happened with both Dubstep and Progressive House, both of which originally sounded quite different to their modern versions.)

It’s why I generally tend to stay out of putting things in genres. Things are in such a state of flux that it’s hard for me personally to pin down a genre for a song unless it’s VERY apparent

It’s tricky and the goalposts do seem to shift constantly, but it’s worth trying to get as close as possible. It’s important because genre tagging plays a very important role in how your tracks are promoted on SC.

The closer you get with your genre tags, the more likely that a fan of that genre will hear your track, listen to it all the way through and like, comment, follow and share - all things that improve how your tracks will get promoted. Essential stuff if you’re ever hoping to attract listeners outside of this community.

Of course, it might not always be possible to point to a single genre, in which case add tags for genres which influenced and can be heard in the track. For the main genre, be careful about creating a unique genre. It’s fun, but if it’s meaningless to the algorithm and to listeners then it might hurt your chances of listens and promotion.

If you’re really not sure what to put for the main genre, use the parent genre, then add all the genre influences as additional genre tags.

e.g. if you’re not sure if it’s ‘big room’, ‘trance’ or ‘deep trance’, etc. then use EDM as the main one and list all the others as additional genres.

Oh, and never use ‘Auxy’ as your main genre - unless you’re only aiming to be a big fish in a very, very small pond. :wink:

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Bless you, dude.