Octave - Just looking for feedback


Edit: I do realise that I misplaced some notes in the first build up so do ignore that.


Wow ok that’s really good. I’m getting electro and future house vibes from this.

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Yo bro! This is sick! I really like the vibe of this!
I have a little bit of nit pickey feedback.

  1. Turn down the ducker (maybe to 75%) for the chords during the drops.
  2. Add some reverse and normal impacts for transitions during the drops.
  3. I felt like during the drops, that the bass and leads drowned out the chords.

These are all just my opinion, I know some artists have a certain sound they want, and what I like may not be what you like so feel free to ignore these tips if you think they won’t sound good.

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Simple chords but the hit hard!

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Tried them out and I’m definitely gonna incorporate them in for the most part. Thanks Jax! : )

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