Obession - Cloudstepper [Electro Retro]

This time around I made something completely different, not least due to the new sound pack, Euphoric Memories - I really love it! Now all we need is a mixer within the app - preferably one with mute/unmute, solo and then six effect knobs. If we would get that mixer and it would be displayed properly in the iPad version, I would run out and buy a new iPad just to be able to use it!

Anyways, what do you think of the track? Dance to it or drive to it?


This kind of deep electro really floats my boat.
Retro, without being overly kitsch.

I can’t help but feel it would benefit from another melodic element.
Perhaps some kind of lead/solo instrument…?


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I was thinking the same thing - a singer would be best I think… thanks for the positive feedback!

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