Now that 4.0's out

What weird stuff have you done with the power of automation? You can do so, so much with this update, and I wanna hear what YOU guys have been doing with it! I’ve been pursuing more of an upbeat EDM style of music(, and I’ve really been liking it so far! What about you guys?

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Nothing, yet. I love doing stuff with the snares but nothing else, really.

It’s easier to keep things interesting through variation throughout the repetition. No matter which parameter you are automating.

I’ve done some fun things with pitch shifting up during builds.

I’ve cut down the volume, or low/high cuts to smooth out any harshness on certain tones.

I like doubling (tripling, quadrupling…) patterns now. Didn’t do that so much in the past. One of the reasons is it is is easier now. You can can cut and paste the automation as well.

I’d like to do more with pan in the future. Like setting certain instruments in different spaces to the left and right.

None of these are ground breaking ideas. I really like automation though. I think it opens up a lot of creative possibilities.

I’ll share some links to some of these ideas when I get a chance.

I really only use it when i NEED to use it.

Is the screaming vocals made in auxy or did you use an outside App?

Regardless awesome as hell. Truly an inspiration and aspire to make something so dope

I’m finding the pitch bend quite fun to muck around with when I’m doing future bass sort of stuff, but to be honest, I think that the transition thing that was around before the update was a little easier to use for risers and stuff like that. The update makes that sort of thing quite time consuming, but this definitely allows you to do more with the track. :smile:

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If you like edm…