Notes outside of grid?

i don’t remember if someone posted something like this already, but i was looking around in sphere and i’m just now noticing notes outside of the grid in smokescreen. what?!

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Yeah I have seen it before, I think there was a glitch people could use to move them up to one octave above the grid

This was in a project from ToxicCaves64 I think

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oh there’s that topic

I’m not sure how it does that, but when Auxy adds chord creators in a beta test version, people might be able to put notes off the grid.

Would like it if Auxy simply decided to move to seven octaves (+1 / -1), so you don’t need to use Pitch automation to squeeze another octave, or even just a few notes, out of an instrument.


Yeah the other part of pitch automation Vs changing pitch in grid, is that it adds the pitch in a different order with other effects, I think. So having another octave in grid would definitely be helpful, especially since it also seems to function as it is, for those songs.


i’ve been wishing for that feature for a while now

1 Like I did it here it’s incredibly easy to do

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Seems like more of a bug than a feature.

Still, curious to know how it’s done.

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Ooh I didn’t know it was possible still, how did you do that

it was zeph who made this, not me

you copy paste notes out of the grid then hit undo once the notes push themselves in


it’s ok, I was replying to L1me anyways^^

Ooooh thanks a lot for that

yoooo thanks i got it

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