Not enough genre diversity

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@akabillposters More like OWNERZ EENGLEES


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You guys make it sound like the Auxy community has like only 5 genres

Im not really set on a genre so i cant say that making other genres is hard


I agree.
I don’t make “EDM,” in the traditional sense of the word. I make Deep House and Tech House, so my music is MUCH less hard hitting and less about “the drop.”

One thing that might bring in more of us “other-genre producers” is celebrating the music of other genres made in Auxy.
I don’t mean that we stop celebrating Future Bass and other “EDM” genres, but we should celebrate both.


I just post what I’d like to hear, so I have little weight on this discussion.
At some point people get tired of making the same thing their idols and influences make.
Nobody can force genres in and out of popularity. It’s all arbitrary like high fashion it has no purpose or popularity until somebody decides it does.
Just make what you want to hear is all I’ll support.


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I know.


@akabillposters @aUstin_Haga

It appears to me that you both disagree due to your differing creative philosophies and views on music more than anything. I’d personally have to say that my philosophies are closer to @akabillposters which might explain why I’m agreeing with him more than you, @aUstin_Haga.

Ideally, I can see how anyone should be able to make any genre in Auxy. However, application is the devil each producer here has to overcome. (It’s where I struggle the most.) I’d be more inclined to agree with you if we had a sound pack for a wider range of genres as well. (However, I’m not saying we not to cover all our bases right at this moment. Take your time devs.) Finally, not that the soundpacks are expensive to buy, but I’m currently having difficulties with income so I’ve decided to wait until Christmas when I normally get iTunes gift cards. Your arguement needs to assume that the user has all soundpacks and that’s not always the case.

That’s my take on this anyways. Hopefully I didn’t misunderstand your point or something. I feel like this whole thing was a gental nudge from the community and the main point got misconstrued.


@tornait the way you worded this makes you a genius. i agree with you so much you just became my friend and made my day.

Tornait here. I’ve got a lot of complaints. And one… Is genre diversity. Too many people doing the same genre. Especially trap, future bass, etc. I honestly think it’s getting stale. You can choose not to agree, and I’ll agree to disagree. Also, this is really more about the stuff the Auxy team reposts. Sure, they may like certain parts of a certain song, but to other people, it means basically everything in the world. It’s like an endorsement from Michael Jordan to them, and they strive to get to that point; it’s basically becoming ‘Auxy famous’. But to get to that point, it doesn’t mean someone should have to conform. That’s why I’m endorsing genre diversity. Push your limits. Do something fresh, something different. Something that can really hook people. Always strive for that with every song… That is, if you’re catering to your fans. If not, if you’re catering to yourself, then make every song a personal challenge. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. And surely, every song will get better.


@tornait this is what i base my music off of. trying to expand my sound. rather than using the same melodies in my music. which gets so frustrating, because some artists music sounds like they copy and past their freaking songs and call it something else and wind up getting more views and likes on that one :roll_eyes:


You barely see drum and bass or dubstep Traks made with Auxy featured. So imma agree with you.


@HAYVN’s is an example of DnB that was reposted. Go HAYVN!




I don’t even know what this future bass is that you’re talking about. I’m making synthwave/80s-ish things(?), maybe that makes it a bit more diverse, i dont know :slight_smile:


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ITunes gift cards are the way to go. I have all the Auxy packs and I bought all them with a gift card lmao.


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