Not enough genre diversity


OK I guess.


Not sure. My first (and the only yet) attempt at making music with Auxy is an attempt at techno/hard trance. Not going to make any trap/FB anyway. :smiley:


idk but this thread reminds me of some angry YouTube comments


Yeah, Techno!


good idea but it would be hard to get everyone interested in that


I think the reason we hear about future bass so much is because people make such a big deal out of it being popular. Auxy is not built around future bass. Future bass is not built around auxy. It is simpler to make on auxy, yes, but that can go for any electronic genre. People have the power to utilize auxy for any genre, and for some reason the fact that it’s used for future bass a lot stops you? Yes, the new update will be very amazing if there’s a bigger sound library, but you very much have the ability to make things of the same quality that are not future bass right now. I find it ridiculous that people think that Future Bass is stopping them from pioneering in other genres. It’s just what many people use it for. You should be able to use auxy’s amazing interface and library creatively in any genre, and not be getting mad at future bass just for being popular. I don’t say all of this just because I make future bass, I say it because it’s overly hated for the sake of it being popular, and therefore has a wider variety of sub styles and artists that may get a bit more attention. None of that should stop you from being a great musician in your own genre. The instruments are not future bass specific. It all depends on the user.


So please don’t interpret this as shameless self promotion, but I just wanted to mention that I’m an artist who doesn’t really make future bass. I do more along the lines of Electro House. If anyone was interested.

And yeah, I guess I can agree with you there. But @aUstin_Haga … I don’t think @tornait is COMPLAINING as much as he is ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO EXPLORE OTHER GENRES.


I’m not convinced that’s really the case. The sounds and tools currently in Auxy lend themselves well to making FB/EDM music that sounds largely convincing and authentic, at least to my untrained (in FB) ears.
(I’m suspect there are plenty pro FB/EDM producers who would think Auxy productions are impressive, but not prime-time ready.)

And, ‘authentic’ is the keyword here. You simply can’t get as close to that level of authenticity with other genres.

Auxy does have a sound and that sound is the result of the (currently) limited sound palette and (currently) limited sound shaping controls. Having an Auxy ‘sound’ is not beneficial to either Auxy or those creating music with it — at least, it stops being a benefit outside of the Auxy community.
(Few, if any, will like your music just because it’s #MadeWithAuxy – and I certainly wouldn’t want my music to be thought of as ‘good — for something made on a phone’.

General listeners don’t care what tool you used. They only care if the track engages them. And, if something sounds likes its lacking some production finesse [as opposed to intentionally lo-fi], that’s gonna impact on the level of appreciation the tracks attract.)

Even the FB/EDM devotees much surely concede that the best Auxy FB/EDM tracks struggle to sound with tracks produced with more professional and capable tools. (I’m not a fan, but I still hear a difference in production quality between FB/EDM created by someone in this community and the stuff I hear elsewhere. Different leagues, imo.

(Maybe I’m just so familiar with Auxy sound packs and so used to hearing them used that they’ve lost a lot of value to me. TBH, if I’m enjoying an Auxy track and a sound pops up that’s uniquely Auxy, my heart sinks a little with disappointment.)

Some are starting to close the gap, but it’s typically those who will move their Auxy stuff to other DAWs to continue developing and finish it.)

It’s not a hard, uncrossable line. Making music in Auxy is not going to stop people liking it, but it’s going to struggle to compete with tracks created with more creative and production options available.

Now, I’m sure it will improve when the new packs start to flow (and hopefully, the introduction of audio import and ADSR controls).

For me, the killer feature is the UX. It’s currently unmatched in how easy it is to get ideas started and shaped. But, for me, I still don’t consider anything I’ve created in Auxy as being ready to ‘compete for attention’ with tracks made using more comprehensive tools and broader sound possibilities.


Do you believe that, in the right hands, Auxy could convincingly pull off classical, piano, or jazz, or rock, a subtly sloppy J Dilla beat or even good ambient, or… to the point where fans of those genres couldn’t tell it apart from stuff created using more pro-level tools?

Some are starting to delve into piano, but you have to write in such a way as to avoid the current shortcomings of the app, especially the lack of nuance in note volume/velocity and lack of nuance in note positioning and duration due to the nature of it being a quantised step sequencer. (I’ve mentioned elsewhere how complex pieces can sometimes emphasise the quantisation going on, making it sound unavoidably inauthentic.)

Sure, you can create something in Auxy that technically fits all of those genres/styles, but 9 times out of 10, it’s going to lack all the authentic touches that make it passable or credible — whether it’s the sound creation/design options or the options for how and where you place the notes.


The instruments are not future bass specific. It all depends on the user.

We’re musicians, not magicians. :wink:

Of course, you could prove me wrong by citing one or two established and successful musicians who use Auxy from idea to release-ready track.

Heck, show me one or two FB/EDM musicians who fit that bill.


I thought I made it pretty obvious I was talking about electronic-specific genres…


I’m just encouraging you guys to keep trying. You can’t just claim that it’s the instruments that put your electronic subgenre at an unfair advantage. It’s how you utilize them. Not all future bass songs are masterpieces. I have seen MANY different subgenres performed BEAUTIFULLY on auxy. There’s just more ways to use it for future bass right now because of the amazing variety of producers right now. I want people to make do with whatever they have (or think they have) because that’s a great thing for creativity, which is very useful for auxy, if you ask me. :wink:


I’m not even saying that you can professionally make all genres, but I’m saying it’s much less slanted towards future bass than you guys are saying.


I was responding more to azureonyx’s comment than the original. :sweat_smile:


Diversity in music depends on the variety of producers that create it


Fair enough, though tbh, it’s not super-clear from your post. You appeared to acknowledge that electronic music is easier (than others) in Auxy, but then go on to say…

People have the power to utilize auxy for any genre

…so, a little unclear.

But, clearer now. :+1:

Still, the challenge is open to point to a couple of established and successful FB/EDM/electronic musicians who show that Auxy is capable enough to create successful music from idea to release that can sit shoulder-to-shoulder with stuff made with more pro-oriented tools – in the right hands.

I’m 100% open to being shown that Auxy is capable of more than I credit it with. :slight_smile:

(Although, it’s still gonna struggle to do ‘authentic’ outside of a few preferred genres.)


Totally agree.

I know it’s an ambition for Lenberg for Auxy to be a tool used by a future breakthrough artist.

While I think the best chance of that happening will most likely be in the EDM genres, I could easily see it becoming a part of enough pro musicians’ workflow — across many genres, including beyond electronic — that many future hits will one start out as ideas sketched on Auxy. :+1:


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Agree here also.

That’s why I’m not a fan of calls for EDM/FB musicians to try something new. I’m fine with people making whatever music they enjoy, whether that’s one genre, or 100.

I think the diversity will come from attracting more musicians from other genres to Auxy.

(The challenge there is how to attract those from other genres.)


I’d say that the title “beat studio” implies that it was purposefully geared towards electronic beats, however, who knows what one could do if it was opened up to other genres someday…!

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