Not enough genre diversity


True, but it didn’t get reposted tho.
;~; Notice me Lenpai! ;~;


Back in the day when I was a nobody I was awestruck by Austin’s stuttered chord things. I wanted to know how to do that, so I asked him and he told me. I mimicked it in a few of my songs because I wanted to sound as good as that.
Then I grew out of it, quickly. So both.



No. I am not trying to skateboard. I will fail. Nope no nope no no no


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What is it about


EZ fix, you guys: just make every genre in existence using Auxy. Yes, that means Xoomii, too.


Stress with a gate with all tone =P


Depends who you ask. :wink:

Some people are arguing about who certain genres don’t get reposted enough. Others are…not.


people who wear Thrasher but dont skate


I notice that the line seems to be drawn long those who make future bass and those who don’t so I wanna clear up a few things:

  1. Those of us who wish to see a greater variety of genres reposted are not attacking future bass, the people who make future bass, nor the devs.
  2. No one is saying that everyone should get a repost. It’s not about more people getting reposts, it’s about different people getting reposts.
  3. No one is saying that the devs need to spend significantly more time deciding what they wish to repost. It’s not hard to understand that they’re first focus is on the app. Rather, we’re just asking the devs to be more conscious of what they choose to repost in order to promote more variety.
  4. No one is arguing that people write future bass for the sake of getting a repost.

From my point of view, the original complaint of this post was that some genres are getting reposted more than others and we wish that wouldn’t happen. Rather than spend more time looking over songs, we just wish that the devs would be more conscious of the genres that they repost. This is not about resentment towards anyone or attacking anyone. Just a small request for greater representation.


I would say it’s more likely you would get noticed if you made other genres. I would love to see more variety and and find quality tracks that we can feature.


What I’m looking for when reposting is not about genre, but rather what I find good and/or particularly creative. This is by nature a subjective process since it’s just me making these choices. However, I’m trying to factor in things like whether people seem to like certain tracks. Another factor is actually that we love to feature variety, but we’re not going to feature tracks just because they represent some underrepresented genre.

We’ve thought quite a lot about building a more data-driven system for featuring music, but we’re not anywhere near implementing anything at the moment. Meanwhile, the best way to influence the reposting is by suggesting great tracks/producers that you think have been overlooked.

Going through the posts in this thread, I feel like all the feedback has already been acknowledged and addressed, where necessary, and it seems to me that you’re running the same argument in circles.

We’re not closing any topics just because you’re tired of the discussion, though. A tip is to just leave the thread and stop arguing if you don’t want to put more fuel on the fire.


How would you prefer us to make recommendations? Via PM, a thread, or something else?


Have you given any thought to the idea mentioned previously – i.e. empowering/deputising one or two who are active in the community and able to review more tracks? Basically, to carry some of the load/cover more ground, re: the Auxy SC channel. You could potentially give them direct access, or they could consider a greater number of tracks, then fwd their recommendations to you, for possible reposting.

(Obviously, they’d ideally be something more than proxies for your subjective taste. So, briefing them re: ‘quality’, execution, creativity and then allowing them to make that initial judgement themselves would be one option. More diverse ears would likely make reposts more diverse too.)

[Not suggesting that a track should be posted simply because it’s from a less popular genre.]

Lastly, quick question: Do you sometimes scout (and potentially repost) Auxy tracks made by people outside this community?


What would this include?


I do Vaporwaves/Dreamwaves. Not new. Not original, but not EDM. Also my music is based on Dreams I have - I write them down and the only tool (I personally prefer) I can share my Dreams and experiences through is by Sound, the perfect catalyst and driving force to visual imagery.


I also toyed briefly with something, creating a wee JavaScript favelet to calculate a kind of aggregated rating based on a track’s SC plays, likes, … distilling them into a single numerical value - or ‘SCore’, as I called it. (See what I did there?) :wink:

Nothing serious or major, or even complete, more a proof-of-concept, but a way to get some kind of (genre-agnostic) distilled data back that could be used to identify whether a track already meets a threshold that could then trigger a manual (or possibly automated) action (e.g. inclusion in a playlist, a repost, …).


SoundCloud used to have (perhaps still has?) a “hotness” score, which was a secret sauce of factors determining the hotness of a track, and this could be used as a sort order for tracks returned by the API.


Yes! And if someone wants to be that person, I suggest that he or she sets up a similar initiative (as previously outlined) to show quality and consistency. Then we can make that “official”.


To me it sounds like the problem is on whoever is choosing to pick the songs that win contest or what to repost. Real talk, I don’t ever make a song like I’m gonna make this trap or folky or poppy. I just make music. And really Auxy is great for that. Just wish I could record vocals within the app via audiobus or something like that. Other than that. My only advice is to listen to yourself on what’s tight to u. Push ureself and make ureself proud. :v:t4: