Not enough genre diversity


I guess the thing for me is Auxy is therapeutic, and my tracks improve as I create more. I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on software to get my ideas down and out of my system. I create what I like and hope others do as well. I don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on complex music software. I’ve tried them and don’t have the patience to learn them. Auxy is easy and inexpensive. Even if I did spend the cash on other software packages and created a “better” track, my “limited” talent alone will not get me any farther. I would need collaborators and promotion. Besides, the only reason I got involved in this thread was not really about me. I was merely wondering why there was such a lack of diversity, and lack of interest in different genres. It’s like being part of a writing group and finding people posting almost nothing but science fiction.


Close. It’s like being part of a science fiction writing group and finding people posting almost nothing but science fiction. Like @TheRealJFalc said… in a community based on an app geared towards certain genres of electronic music, that’s the expected output. Of course there is variation to a limited degree, but not too much.

If you would like to see more diversity of genres posted, I’d strongly recommend you check out the audiobus forums. The folks people there use a bunch of different apps to produce and come up with a pretty wide spectrum of different styles due to variety of tools they have in their arsenal.


Audiobus forum is great, it is the defacto place for all things mobile music, not just Audiobus. If you’re curious about things or just want to geek out it’s the place to be.


Chill House :stuck_out_tongue:


They repost all sorts of different stuff. Just because @lenberg didn’t repost your music, doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to recognize potential. He just hasn’t found you yet. What about cornbread? That was reposted and its SUPER jazzy.


I know I’m a little late but, I think diversity doesn’t really matters that much. As long as it sounds good who cares right?


That statement is contradictory to itself. What sounds good is a lot of different things, not always the same old chords put to a new order or syncopation put with new chords etc.


I guess your right.


I’m I the only person here that tries his best to make rock music yeah I can range from sythwave, post punk revival and rarely pop. Mental from disturbing leads provides my electric guitar sound effect a lot of the times and since that heavy bass update…
Is made it 1000 times better for me! XD


I have tried some rock before but it always ends up sounding more like jazz fusion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Have you listened to Celestial Terrestrial Commuters?


Idk, lemme check


Is it a song of yours?


No, it’s a cool jazz fusion rock kind of thing.


Ah, gotcha. I haven’t heard it.


I’ve been considering how to do Japanese based Schranz, but I don’t know if the basic/default kits in Auxy have a kick that sounds like something like the one used in Cranky and siromaru’s Conflict.


I usually make a different future bass than wubs. Just like Nimi Dovrat