Not enough genre diversity


no it’s just straight trash. I won’t link the original to spare your ears, but this is more entertaining anyway


Have you listened to my tracks? Obviously everyone will get more listeners if they improve, even you. My point is that when something other than the usual is posted on Auxy it gathers little to no attention. You also assume I’m saying the bulk of Auxy producers are narrow minded. I am merely pointing out the lack of interest in the traditional types of music. Tell me what the percentage of producers use Auxy other than for trap, house etc. My guess is less than 5%.


That’s because Auxy isn’t geared for non-electronic music composition. Assuming you’re including any and all non-EDM electronic genres in your etc., that would be approximately only 1% of users using it, as it’s practically impossible to create any “traditional” music without it being skeletal and empty.

Not to mention kids these days don’t have an appreciation for the fine arts of traditional music but that’s neither here nor there ;3 /s


We did


I don’t see hardstyle being the next thing though…


mumbles in 1/3


twas a joke.

But hardstyle drum pack would be a pretty good drum pack and certainly something that wouldn’t get buried among the hundreds of other drum sounds


To be honest, now that we have such a diverse list of drum samples, all we need are actual melodic instruments


tru, but also hardstyle K O N G type kicks really only go with hardstyle.
The other drums are very diverse and that’s a good thing, but at the same time, all the released drum kits feel pretty interchangeable and although they might be released under a certain style, they can be used for most any other genre, yet they keep adding more.


I just wish the devs add back the drum effects on top of what we have. I personally like to have compression, tone, shape, and sub back


also that too
a lot of songs have triplet lyrics in them, like Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do” or, a very obvious example, almost every Migos song


well everyone pretty much ripped off the Migos style triplets and now it’s hella oversaturated in all the (mumble)rap


also in pop songs too


Oh damn you guys like lyrical rap?


I think that if it’s too lyrical it makes you think too much instead of actually listening to the song, I personally enjoy all kinds of rap though (to me, mumble rap is good in its own way)


I appreciate your input. To me Auxy is more geared to laying down ideas, like a sketchpad for music producers. I’m not expecting to create a fully professional track with Auxy. If I had the funds I’d hire a all the professionals I could muster to polish my tracks, promote it, etc. I admit I have my weaknesses. I admit I need help to create a truly awesome track. To me Auxy isn’t geared for anything except a tool to transform what an artist is inclined to produce. It is just as easily able to generate house music as it is Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz etc. The only point I’m trying to make is that not many users of Auxy are willing to venture into traditional genres, and its a shame. Finally, I take exception with your opinion that traditional music produced using Auxy is skeletal and empty. Have you listened to my tracks? In addition, I seek out the traditional genres and have been emotionally moved from what I’ve heard. Sure, their not all perfect, but how much of the music on Auxy is?


I think auxy has certain parts of those “traditional” genres but not enough to create a whole track in that style very easily like with Future Bass or other edm genres.

You could create a Jazz or orchestral influenced track in Auxy, but it doesn’t have the sounds or ability to create a “real” jazz or orchestral piece by itself without importing samples. I’ve heard a lot of Jazz, rock, and classical/orchestral music in my life, and i really dont see anything Auxy has that would come close to something like Miles Davis, U2, or George Winston and Bach type pieces.

Closest i feel like you could reach to Jazz might be something close to Future Funk which is like the jazz equivalent for edm these days (though certainly much more upbeat) or artists such as HAYWYRE and Jonah Wei-Haas.

Credit to u tho, shadows is pretty smooth and i can see where you’re trying to go with ur other tracks. However, I just don’t think Auxy really cuts it to create those genres well other than being, as you said,

possibly trying to work in this genre


lol, this thread is still going after getting orchestral sounds, horns, and then some.

i’ll say that Auxy will be different for different music producers. for me it’s everything – sketching ideas, to mixing, to final product. i don’t see myself using bigger or better (or pricier) software for the time being. i’m having a lot of fun with the app producing what i can. for those with something specific in mind but feels Auxy cannot fully realise their idea – a sketchpad for sure. definitely the mindset of more advanced music producers, and even the mindset of the developers. still, put a paint brush into anyone’s hands and they will make something out of it.

i think it’s still important to try to produce the best possible track you can through Auxy, instead of feeling like, “welp, everyone is just telling me to use fruity loops anyways, so my track is immediately ‘unprofessional’”. nah, brah! just make your music. if you need to do more with it, then you look into other programs.


This. I use all kinds of apps. Auxy does some things very well standalone. If I know I need to get into weird glitch/idm territory and don’t care too much about recording audio, I go to Gadget. If I know I need to work with stems for a remix or if I know I’m going to be recording/using recorded audio, I go to Garageband or Cubasis.

There’s not a one size fits all.



also, don’t confuse what is popular on this forum for what is going on outside this forum. With Auxy and otherwise. It’s a big world out there with a supportive niche and outlet for everyone.

There are about 1500 reviews on the current version of the app in the app store. Of course probably a small percentage of app users leave a review so I’m sure there are a lot more out there. But there are only dozens of people who are auxy famous on this forum. Its a small (but not unimportant) sampling.

Listen to this for example: Ain’t no future bass or trap there.