Not enough genre diversity


Yeah man, I’ve tried making various dnb but no real success. I’m currently working on a half time minimal dnb track at the moment.


Love your music. Keep making what you make!


Hello guys, tropical here. So ive been hearing a lot of awesome songs from everyone but feels the same to me. We should come up with some new genres, the most I’ve been hearing is Edm, Trap, Techno, and Hard Bass. I’m not complaining but would like your opinion on some new genres we could make. Im currently trying ambient, like without drums and smooth melodies. What do you guys think?


Do you mean genres that are used less, or new ones altogether?
There’s plenty diversity already, although sometimes it’s hard to find.


I’m using it to make ambient, 90s style IDM, synthwave, All sorts of stuff. Just focus on doing what you like and tune out what doesn’t interest you.

I’ve been producing since the 90s; hot styles come and go, and they tend to go pretty quickly when everybody and their brother starts making variations on the same track. They usually have a very creative style for the first year or two, then become rigid and predictable. Stick to your own sound, and you won’t be dated in five years. It’s good to be aware of new styles and to learn what you can from them, but stay away from formula.


Really? I regularly post tracks that are a unique (to Auxy) genre and only a few or no listeners. Most Auxy users ignore classic genres like rock, jazz, pop etc. I think its a problem that can’t be fixed. Such a great app with wasted potential. How did it happened. I think that possibly the type that the music that is most common to Auxy seldom came with lyrics, whereas rock and pop most always has singing. Less so jazz. This doesn’t mean however that rock, jazz and pop instrumentals can’t be made. I often utilize the Oohs and Ahh sounds to create voices.


No offense but maybe you would get more listeners if you improved. Making a different genre doesn’t guarantee you anything.

And they are a bunch of Auxy users who like different genres, we aren’t that narrow minded…


I agree; popularity doesn’t come just from making a genre. All sorts of people make popular genres but get little to no recognition. However, real vocals do add a lot to the sound and could help.


Modern music production is 90% marketing and 10% actual production. If you don’t network effectively, your songs will never get recognition.

Unfortunately, there are only two really good ways to market inside the Auxy community itself, and that’s through the reposts on both the official Auxy soundcloud and the Auxy Collective, which handles more unknown artists that fail to be picked up usually by the official one. Neither one is particularly perfect however, and your best option would be to network through other places.

As for the lack of lyrics inside of Auxy, the support for imported samples was only added nine months ago. Whereas mainstream EDM has evolved into the pop scene Auxy is doing a bit of catching up in that same sense, along with users becoming more familiar with the process. In addition to this, Auxy is designed for electronic music production. It’s what it does best. Besides, most pop nowadays is entirely electronic in nature, just with simple but catchy vocals to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Improving your sound does help, but the marketing is what gets your sound out there.


Mate, if you’re going to make rock and jazz, I think using samples will be your best bet. Auxy simply doesn’t have the instrumentation to make full-fledged rock songs (I have tried jazz, though, and that works a little better). People are still waiting for a pack of electric guitars. But don’t be discouraged; perfect your craft, and when more tools become available, use them to become a pioneer in your field.


im diverse, right


Modern music production is 90% marketing and 10% actual production.

I’m gonna have to disagree, man. If a guy doesn’t know how to make good music, then no matter how hard he markets I doubt he’ll get very famous. Especially in a producer’s earlier stages I think it’s more important to focus on getting good first, and then if you think you have some serious talent than shift over to more marketing. If you spend all your time marketing a really bad product, then you might not have much success.


True, true. But that’s a generalized statement to begin with, and doesn’t account for everyone. It was to demonstrate that getting noticed requires a lot more marketing to be done.

Just some food for thought on this statement:


Nowadays there’s a lot of chill, maybe a bit too much😂


can’t wait till Auxy transitions into a Hardstyle phase or something


laughs in auto-tuned mumble


What even is mumble rap anyway? I really don’t listen to rap enough to understand what’s happening so maybe someone can enlighten me? xD


long story short:
rappers who mumble their words in songs and then put a butt ton of auto-tune as well
you can’t even understand what they’re saying


no one really understands they just kinda nod and try to follow the beat


So basically it’s rap minus the rap? Seems kinda counterproductive doesn’t it? -shrug-

Either way, it will come and go like every genre does, eventually it will be called “pop” and then be called something else once it leaves mainstream. Genres are strange creatures.