Not enough genre diversity


@Mellowdee Personal Message. If you’re ever unsure of the lingo, just google it.


While the most obviously recognisable forms of dance music use the 4/4 rhythms most associated with House (and Disco before it), there are numerous other genres that fall under ‘(electronic) dance music’ that aren’t considered part of House.


I agree that “dance” music is popular, but to a niche audience. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you scan the radio dial the most popular music the genres I mentioned.

That’s a pretty big niche you’re talking about.

I guess it comes down to what radio stations you listen to - and at what time of day/evening/night you listen. And what you do with your weekends.

There’s probably more dance stuff on the radio and in the charts than you appreciate (largely because you’re thinking that dance music” means only House.)


Absolutely this


might just be me but this is hilariously passive-agressive


‘Idiot’s guides’ save lives.

Often what I’ll look for if I want to get a good, condensed intro into something I know little about.


Thank you for this article. I’m so bad with genres, lol.
Definitely gonna have to go through all those examples later.


It’s by no means definitive or remotely exhaustive.

It was mainly to demonstrate that there’s more to ‘EDM’ than House - and that Mellowdee probably already knows more, but maybe just didn’t realise that they fall under the EDM umbrella.


Been a while since I checked in, but its good to hear this is better :blush: auxy, thanks for guitars.


It definitely is. And looking back at this post, my earlier statements aren’t really holding up that well anymore, and to me, that’s a good thing. It means that not only have I been able to move on, there’s been real genuine change for the better in this community, the new update allowing for more diverse and amazing music.


My only point is that I would like to find who is using Auxy to producie music a traditional five piece band plays. It could be pop, rock, blues, jazz or jazz rock fusion. Without vocals. That’s what I try to produce. I realize it isn’t as good as what actual bands produce with real instruments, but I try.


Would be good to see people make some garage or maybe some old skool rave music (think Prodigy, Altern8, Sl2) or possibly some jungle.


Heh. I an I got you fam :face_with_monocle: got some stuff in the slow cooker.


Would love to hear it man


Genre diversity. Well. I have made so many different genres songs recently starting progressive House and now trance. I’ve made dnb, future basss, Melbourne Bounce, hardstyle and others. You don’t alwasy have to stick to one genre


Like wonky, or alternative rnb, hip hop, House, chillout, ambient.

There is a lot of genres we don’t usually use lol

But to be honest, I always make trap/fb here :joy:


well, with the new strings its opened up a whole new world of electro swing.


Yeah, it did


I made the analogy earlier that what I hear mostly from Auxy users is like a diversity of a single type of cuisine. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s limited. It’s like going to a museum and looking at just abstract paintings. They may all incorporate different mediums, and instill a different mood from the viewer, but are still abstract. The Dutch Masters and Realism have just as much to offer, and remain pertinent. I have come to the conclusion that somehow the vast majority of Auxy users are stuck in a modern time warp of Rave, Bounce, House, Future bass, EDM variations, etc. The list goes on and on, but it is still variations within the same wheel house of music. It is what it is. I’m just commenting on what I have noticed. I expected more to hear more types of music being produced when I became an Auxy user, and was disappointed to learn that everyone was doing mostly the same thing.


why dont YOU start thee trend of new types of music?


I understand your point and I tend to agree - mostly.
There is an interest in ‘micro-genres’, genres which vary so subtly from others that the average listener probably wouldn’t recognise any difference.

The difference between, say, electro-house and Melbourne Bounce is very small, and yet some will point to the presence of both here as examples of genre diversity, when, if anything, it’s another example of the homogeneity of the music here.

Now, there’s a fair chance that some here, myself included, have simply reached that ‘modern music all sounds the same’ age, but by the same token, is does kinda feel like most ‘new music’ is simply just filling in the gaps between existing genres in increasing granularity.

Or maybe it’s that I grew up listening to - and appreciating - a genuinely broad range of music genres.
I think that kind of diverse musical experience growing up is less common now. It seems ‘micro-tribal’ these days.

But, I guess that’s how evolution works.

One ironic outcome of this is that, despite all this additional granularity, we increasingly struggle to identify the genre(s) of the music we produce, as it often matches several genres/micro-genres.

Bottom line is that I don’t think anything is going to change here.
(Whether by design or not) The app is oriented mostly at younger enthusiasts. That’s going to mean the genres coming in are going to be predominantly the same contemporary suite of EDM sub/micro-genres.

Auxy reposts effectively serve as a feedback loop, promoting the dominant genres, which attracts more people interested in making those genres.

While that remains unchanging, the only option is to not tie any expectations to this place, and to look outside of this group for the things you want from a music community.

One interesting thing is that there are supposedly a few thousand Auxy users, only a small fraction of whom are sharing music here. You’d expect the amount of ‘Auxy music’ out there to be far larger than the combined output of this forum. You kinda expect at least hundred or so to be releasing their stuff on SC, YT, etc… and tagging their stuff #Auxy.

Yet, where is it? Where are the hundreds of other Auxy-made tracks each month?
And, is it any more diverse?