Not enough genre diversity


I honestly just want to say that genre diversity has gotten much better, I am seeing tons of new ideas after this new update and I’m loving it. That is all.


Same here.


I have been using Auxy for about a year and it is a great tool for making music. I grew up on listening to bands. Mostly rock, of all types. The music then was quite diverse and employed all types of interesting instruments, including harmonica’s, horns and flutes. I’m 67 years old. Bands are not much different today, except you rarely hear wind instruments. Typically you have a drummer, a bassist, a keyboard player, someone on rhythm guitar and lead. From the start I created what I liked based on what I grew up on, and what I hear today. I began posting my work on SoundCloud and Auxy and noticed quite a lack of diversity coming out of Auxy. Honestly, I don’t understand the lack of interest in Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz and Rock Jazz Fusion instrumentals. Why is it laden with House music? I challenge anyone to make a track that a 4 or 5 piece band can play. If any one currently is please let me know who they are. I would like to hear what they’ve done. Here is an example by me of what I mean. It’s still a work in progress. Only spent a few hours on it.


Well the reason people don’t make those genres as much is probably because Auxy doesn’t support those very well with it’s current instrument selection (like no electric guitars and stuff). But that’s cool if you do figure out how to make those genres :+1:


yeah, i know what you mean, and for someone like me, who doesn’t really like FB or Trap, i find it hard to listen to other auxy creators.

I try to go with the flow until i’m certain about what kind of song i want to make, then i do that, i dont stick with one genre.


well we got acoustics so who knows what’ll happen


I adjust the instruments to get the sounds as close as possible. The important thing for me was to create what I liked, using the sounds available to me. It also made for and interesting challenge. I like the new Bold Dreamer guitar and new array of drums. I’ve also used the Signature pianos. I tweak the Vintage Keys quite a bit to approximate the sound of an electric guitar.


I just listened to the track btw and it’s sounding cool. How did you get the strum of the guitar strings so fast though? Is it a super high bpm? Cause when I try that with 32nd notes they usually sound pretty spaced out.


Yeah, I’ve been aiming for the electric guitar sound a bit lately — and did it for one of my most recent tracks. Making a track atm that’s similar to that track, but with a stronger lead.

I’m pretty interested in what the drums have to offer with the bongos, congas, shakers and other earthy sounds.

So when I don’t make fun electronic music or spooky music, I try to get stuff that could possibly be translated organically.


124 bpm. I always use Chromatic which helps me know what keys I’m using.


But how is the strum so fast? This is at 124 bpm with 32nd notes and it isn’t as fast as yours.


Two strokes per 1/4 bar.


I just listened to Run Until The Path Ends. I enjoyed it. Very dramatic. It reminds me of the group Yes and Rick Wakeman. I may try something like it myself. Thanks for the inspiration.


Ok yeah, but I meant like the actual time in between each individual note being played. For yours it seemed more like strumming, and mine was more like picking if that makes sense. Maybe you could dm me the project link?


(It was linked in the SC description.)


I’ll have to give them a listen when I’m off the data.

If/when you do make something with inspiration, be sure to send me a link via PM. I get a bit tired of the EDM too.


I’m not really into rock music (or pop, or jazz, etc…) and have no idea what genre my music would fall into. But, I’d like to hear some different genres in Auxy as well. I guess I’m more into IDM/experimental music (basically electronic but not necessarily dance music).
I think the main reason more Auxy users don’t make other genres is just because dance music is really popular.
I only discovered Auxy as I was looking for a sequencer app. Perhaps we need to spread the word more about it?
I’ll have to check out more of your music. :slightly_smiling_face:


By dance music I assume you mean House music. I agree that “dance” music is popular, but to a niche audience. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you scan the radio dial the most popular music the genres I mentioned. Auxy is like a town that focuses one type of cuisine with each restaurant using different ingredients. After getting involved with Auxy I was disappointed to find mostly one type of food on the menu. I like Chinese, but isn’t life a richer experience when we partake in a wide variety of food styles.


How do I do that?


I don’t know what PM is. Please explain. I probably don’t know how to send a link via PM.